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Our Services

Tree Planting

Survey work

We deal with all aspects of tree surgery:

crown pruning, reductions, section felling, thinning, crown lifting, dead wooding, cable bracing, hedge cutting, stump grinding, survey work and not forgetting tree planting!

Where possible we try and persuade the client to keep and maintain a tree, any reductions are normally sympathetic in nature using a drop crotching method to maintain the best possible shape to the tree and reduce future regrowth (ie. reduce the lollipop effect you may see from hard reductions such as on street trees).

We also are very experienced in pruning specialist plants such as wisteria, olives,  Japanese maples and all types of fruit trees.

Emergency work undertaken , windblown, hung up dangerous trees dismantled or made safe.

New tree planting normally involves:
excavation of planting pit 
placement of the tree in the planting hole 
installing a deep watering perforated pipe 
backfilling the hole with a mix of the best existing topsoil, added tree and shrub compost (reduced peat), and slow release fertilizer tablets 

addition of Mycorrhizal fungi if desired
watering in as necessary 
removal of excess soil from the site 
aftercare instructions 

Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) nest removal

We can advice and treat for various pests and diseases such as:

 Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) nest removal ,

Cypress Aphid damage ,

cankers ,

fungal infections

                                         and many more.....

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